I was raised in a quaint Iowa town called Callender within a close-knit, “Brady Bunch” Catholic family. I lived there until 1984the moving to Omaha.  After spending the majority of my adult life in Nebraska, I ventured to Texas for a span of 14 years. In 2014, a downsizing at work prompted me to shift gears, leading me to Los Angeles in pursuit of a filmmaking career. Although that endeavor didn’t pan out as expected, my heart drew me back to Texas in 2019. Presently, I work as a prep cook in a nearby town, residing in solitude in a trailer alongside my faithful companion, Buddy.


I spent 25 years as an IT professional, specializing in PeopleSoft HR/Payroll systems for the last 15 years. Following a downsizing in 2014, I shifted gears to pursue a film career in Los Angeles as a writer and producer. Amid this journey, I discovered my spirituality through meditation, journaling, and grounding exercises. While initially seeking employment in the City of Angels, I unexpectedly found a deeper understanding of myself. My expertise lies in PeopleSoft, particularly as a security expert for the HCM product. I possess extensive knowledge of security setup within the application suite, alongside skills in SQR coding and related areas. This ongoing journey of self-discovery continues to shape my present and future.

Upon my return to Texas, I now reside in Rockport, where I serve as the CEO of the Every Thought Matters Collective. In addition to leading the collective, I wear multiple hats, fulfilling roles as an idea generator, Akashic Tarot reader, and intuitive. This journey reflects the diverse responsibilities that come with venturing into the entrepreneurial realm.

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