I grew up in a small town to a “Brady Bunch” Catholic family.  Spent most of my adult life in Nebraska.  I migrated to Texas for 14 years and eventually leaving there in 2014.  My job got downsized so I packed up my things and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a filmmaking career.  That fizzled out, so I returned to Texas where truly my heart is.  I currently work a survival job at the worlds largest retail chain, living in a tiny trailer with my dog Ginny.


I’m was an IT (Information Technology) professional with 25 years in the business.  The last 15 years supporting HR/Payroll systems created by PeopleSoft.  After my job got downsized in 2014, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a film career as a writer and producer.  Along the way I have found my spirituality in the form of meditation, journaling and grounding exercises.  As like most that move to the City of Angels, I pursued a job but ended up finding out who I am.  That journey continues to this day and this writing.

My expertise in PeopleSoft was a security expert on the HCM product.  I have a great range of knowledge of the security set up for that application suite as well as SQR coding and such.

I have since returned to Texas, specifically Rockport, Texas to continue on as a life coach. That said, as anyone who has ventured out in the entrepreneurial world, one has to wear many hats and this is an effort to showcase those hats.

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