Back in Houston, I started to pursue an acting career. I took classes given by John Lansch. Through that and some networking film events, I built a group of like minded individuals. The shoehorn into the Houston filmmaking community came when I auditioned for the infamous Houston 10 by 10. It is 10 plays, all 10 minutes long, produced by the Houston Scriptwriters group. My audition was crappy but I landed a lead role somehow. John helped me prep for that monologue. That led me to a beautiful human named Patrick D. Green that I co-starred in it. He helped me get into the Houston film community even further. Along the way I met some amazing people, some of which are my closest friends to this day. One such person was Patrick Sane, who planted a bug in my head about what each job on the film set was. I can remember where I was, where we were talking about this to this day. From that, I wanted to produce a film.

At the time I was working as a computer programmer, doing well financially, so I saved some money to produced my first film, Guyco – Dating Insurance dfor Men in 2013. I was talking to the lead of the film, the brilliant Marc Isaacs, he said “Kelly you are a filmmaker now.” That resonated with me.

Fast forward to 2014, when my job got downsized, I had to move to LA to see if that would work as a filmmaker as Marc told me. My IMDB is littered with films that I had hands on producing with and some whereby I donated to help a film along because I believed in it. Before I even got to Los Angeles, I made friends with Dawn Fields. She is an incredible director who moved to LA long before I did and has successfully made a lot of films. She has a way of getting people on board and she got me on board for a life changing film, Fragile Storm. It was my 1 and only film on a sound stage but put the legendary Lance Henriksen on that same set. I learned so much about filmmaking from that. It was my film school that I gladly paid for. Most in the filmmaking business do not get to work on a legitimate sound stage to create a world where you escape. We did and I am forever grateful for that experience. It taught me so much about myself, about filmmaking, about being an executive producer. I will always be grateful for that.

I made several other films. One such film, was a collaborative experience. We all wrote 1 film script called Funny Fare. I was the executive producer, producer of the film. Again, I learned about myself, so much so. I could write a whole chapter about my lessons on that project. Yet I am proud of that. I got to sit in the post-production editing room, watch ADR being done in a true hollywood ADR room, and so much more. I saw so much but learned so much.

That is the about of where I am and where I have been. My IMDB.

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